Label Creations
Your 1st choice for labels
The diversity and experience of our team is its strength. A mix of fresh young,
enthusiasm with talent, skills and years of practical industry knowledge.
Peter - Director / Partner
Peter wears many hats, his knowledge of the industry
and practical uses for label products is indispensable.
“Print has always been a medium for communication
even more so with labelling, we like to stay current.”
Alice - Accounts
Alice is the smiling face of accounts. Always cheerful,
and ready to help our customers with their enquiries.
“We are a happy family here, everyone cares about
each others roles, that makes my job easy!”.
Andy - Senior Press Operator
Over 11 years in print. Andy is a true professional,
super sharp on the detail and quality focused.
“The bottom line is always quality, You have to be
able to say.... Wow that just looks great!”.
Julio - Finishing / Despatch
You can’t have print without a good finisher. Julio is your man to get it cut, packed, shipped, completed!
“We are never short of address labels!...(laughs), It’s
a happy workplace here, fix an order....cup of tea!”.
Roger - Senior Press Operator
Over 20 years in print. Roger knows how the machines work, gears and all. He just has the natural finesse for it.
“Label printing is definitely the most rewarding print area for me, it takes a bit of TLC to get it spot on”.
At Label Creations we pride ourselves on our customer service and high quality products. We always offer our clients the most economical way to produce their work. It’s a simple ethos, our clients always end up happy, and that's how we like it.

We have invested in the latest flexographic printing technology which produces stunning results with images, colour and resolution. Our presses can handle massive quantities of print, and speedy output.

We manufacture labels to our clients specific needs, be it hand or machine applications, with the correct adhesives for uses in all environments. We have extra equipment on hand, and have a wide variety of stocks and finishes ready to meet our clients needs.

Our quality control monitoring is of the highest standard. We work to industry standards in colour management, and our clients are free to come in for press checks on their runs.